What are the Different Kinds of House Builders in Brisbane?

House builders in Brisbane come in three different kinds; semi-custom, production, and custom. The differences in the chosen expertise of these house builders, Brisbane allow homeowners to choose the right one.

Be that as it may, the features shared by the three kinds of house builders, Brisbane include:

  • They provide a builder’s warranty
  • They provide new-home benefits such as energy-efficient appliances, contemporary designs, and smart-home features

However, there are distinct advantages brought to the table by the different types of home builders. Knowing the different functions and benefits of each type of house builder allows you to choose the right one for your new home.


Custom House Builders

A one-of-a-kind home build is what you get when you opt to work with custom home builders. A custom home builder is the right choice when you want to realise a dream home design. It is because all your home design needs and wants will be met and accommodated by a custom builder.

You have the option to buy a lot, or provide an existing lot, or buy a lot from your builder. However, preparation services for your site such as hooking up utilities, or excavating, or building a driveway have to be done if the lot you already have or newly bought isn’t ready to be built on.

You also have the choice of either using a design-build firm or hire an architect to design the proper floor plan for your new home. Since it is a custom home build, you have the option to choose everything in the building process from foundation to roof.

Being heavily involved in the design process of a new home is a dream come true for many homeowners choosing to go on this path.

Production House Builders

New home developments building clusters of the same house design show the work of production house builders. The systematised approach of production house builders is to use selected building materials and floor plans.

Houses built this way make them a more affordable option for many people desiring to own a home that fits their budget. However, houses built by bulk are not necessarily identical. The buyers are provided numerous options even with the set selection of house styles and floor plans.

In general, buyers are given the option to pick:

  • Flooring, cabinets, carpeting, countertops, and other finishes and fixtures
  • Their desired lot
  • Design of the exterior
  • A bonus room such as a media room, or an extra bedroom, or a home office
  • Their desired floor plan

Semi-custom House Builders

More house design options are provided to buyers opting for semi-custom house builds. While fewer options for a custom build are provided for this house build, it is a notch higher than buying a production house. A wider assortment of house design options with a higher degree of flexibility and choice is given to buyers opting to have their semi-custom house built by production house builders.


A general understanding of the three kinds of house builders Brisbane allows you to know the right type that meets your needs. New home construction has a lot of options to choose from, depending on your budget. Owning a home is always within reach, whatever the choice happens to be. Contact us to know more about us.