White in the city: white passion for furniture and more

On the occasion of “White in the city”, the most anticipated event of the Milan Design Week 2017, dedicated to the color white, designed by Claudio Balestri, president of Oikos and Giulio Cappellini, Art Director, with the protagonists of the most influential personalities in the world made of design, I decided to reveal all the potential of this color. Because “a little bit” makes me realize that the next trends will see the absolute and undisputed prevalence of white. So why not intercept them in advance and make the most of them to furnish a trendy home that never goes out of style?

Those who follow me consistently know perfectly well that colors are my passion, so much so that they have dedicated numerous posts to the subject with the aim of satisfying all tastes and helping each one to find ideas and solutions suitable for making the most of their own house according to one’s own personality.
For this reason, the most common advice that is asked of me in private regards the choice of colors.
But few, in indicating their tastes on the subject, refer to the white that I, however, promptly and stubbornly propose, perhaps in combination with other shades.

Because, in the common conception, white is understood as a non-color. As if it were an anonymous shade with no personality. An easy and obvious choice.

Nothing more wrong.

Suffice it to say that white has always inspired architects, designers, stylists and the whole art world in general since its beginnings because it is synonymous with purity and elegance but above all with brightness and vitality.

And it is certainly no coincidence that world-renowned designers such as Patricia Urquiola, David Chipperfield, Stefano Boeri, Marco Piva, the Zaha Hadid studio, Daniel Libeskind , just to name a few, have decided to participate in White in the city , born from an idea of ​​Claudio Balestri, president of Oikos, main sponsor, and the famous designer Giulio Cappellini, artistic director, on show in Milan from 4 to 9 April in the most evocative locations and fascinating buildings of the Milanese city, such as the Pinacoteca and the Accademia di Brera, the former church of San Carpoforo, Palazzo Cusani and Class Editori Space.

An evocative and fascinating itinerary to discover white in all its innumerable artistic facets, ranging from the world of architecture and design to that of art and life style.

In short, given the premises and the prominent personalities involved, as I never happened to see in all these years of attending the Salone del Mobile in Milan,

What to say? There will be a reason why so many personalities of such a high level bother to celebrate a color such as white!